2 Hour 15 Minutes

Natasha Romanoff is given to the KGB and groomed to become its ultimate operative, Black Widow. Years later, when the U.S.S.R. breaks up and she is now working as a freelance operative in present-day New York, she finds herself pursued by the government who is trying to kill her. This forces her to deal with her past as a spy, as well as the broken relationships left in her wake, long before she became a member of the superhero team Avengers.


2 Hour 10 Minutes

On New Year’s Eve in 2020, an unknown virus spreads from Wuhan to other places. The number of patients is increasing at an explosive rate. People are horrified by the powerful and highly infectious virus. <br> <br>The unprecedented survival crisis causes grief and panic. A little-known infectious disease hospital, Jiang Han, is chosen as a designated hospital. Zhang Jingyu, president of the hospital, suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Together with the Respiratory Department director, young interns and head nurse of the ICU, Zhang faces numerus challenges and accidents while he perseveres to save patients at the frontline. <br> <br>In a race against time and death, they work around the clock to transform the isolation ward for a large number of critically ill patients. <br> <br>In the midst of the time of the Spring Festival travel rush, facing the threat of the unstoppable epidemic, Wuhan, the thoroughfare of nine provinces, deals with never-ending hardships persistently. With new infections on the rise, critical decisions must be made immediately before dire consequences occur.


2 Hours

Cinderella is a mystery that revolves around John Ramya and Sandra. <br>After her father sudden leg break in an accident q rock star guitarist And her band of five others. To move into dense forest to research on sounds of nature.akhira <br>happens to celebrate her birthday with her band in the dense forest and is specifically gifted with a beautiful and envying Cinderella gown. <br>The moment she wear the Cinderella gown he or behavior and activities changes very drastically at one extinct she kills a man wearing the Cinderella <br>gown without her knowledges.on the process of investigation we get to know that there was an innocent girl named thulasi who was a maid at the victims <br>place. Thulasi spirit is into the gown and has gone to Shira's body the moment she wore it.


2 Hour 10 Minutes

Deep in the jungle, there exists a tree that is believed to have healing powers. A riverboat captain takes a scientist and her brother on a mission into the jungle to look for the tree.


2 Hour 40 Minutes

Kodiyil Oruvan is an upcoming Tamil movie. Situations push a common man to oppose an influential guy in his area and how he develops himself stronger to fight back his enemies forms the crux of the story.


1 Hour 55 Minutes

Malignant" is a horror thriller based on an original idea by director James Wan and actress Ingrid Bisu. The cast is made up of Annabelle Wallis, Jake Abel, George Young, and Maddie Hasson.


2 Hour 30 Minutes

Thalaivii chronicles the life and journey of the legend – Jayalalithaa! For the first time, the untold story of Amma- India’s revolutionary hero is being portrayed on the big screen. The film traces Jayalalithaa’s inspirational journey from her arrival as a young actor in the world of Tamil cinema who reaches new heights of superstardom and eventually becomes Thalaivii- a powerful figure in the world of politics. The iconic leader's story is being portrayed by the National Award winner Kangana Ranaut along with the very versatile Arvind Swami as MGR - Thalaivi’s inspiration, love interest and mentor.

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